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Discover Quality Aggregate Materials For Your Kelowna Building Project

Apex Sand & Gravel offers a complete line of high-quality aggregate materials to meet your construction and renovation needs in Kelowna. We provide comprehensive resources for commercial and residential projects, from fine and stucco sand to asphalt and concrete. Besides demolition and excavation, we offer trucking services to haul away debris. We deliver to your doorstep, though we do not offer any pickup service.

Here is a complete list of our services and materials:

Masonry and stucco sand supply
Natural round stone supply
Pool and home site excavation
Fine sands and stucco sands
Hammer services
Golf course fine sand
Drainage rocks
Excavation and trucking services
Fuel station pea gravel
Demolition and haul away services
Masonry sand
Bedding sand
Crushed rock products
Loader services
Travel and transportation
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